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Murderous Masquerade

The first novel in the Aves series by K. D. Wakefield, is available in paperback and eBook forms on Amazon.

You can read for free on Kindle Unlimited.

Murderous Masquerade, is a suspense thriller with deep emotional resonance that is sure to keep your heart invested in the outcome.


Ridgeport, Colorado.

A quaint mountain town with scenic views and quirky residents. It seems an idyllic place to stay for a few days.

Looks can be deceiving.

Navy SEAL, Grayven King, has come to this small town with a mission in mind. To figure out who murdered his friend and kidnapped his sister. But time is going fast and he needs to find her before it’s too late.

With help from three of his fellow SEALs, and local girl, Wren Martin, Grayven soon finds that this town has more than its share of ‘accidental’ deaths over the years. Someone has been getting away with murder, But this time, they’ve messed with the wrong girl.

Together they rush to find Grayven’s sister, Sammy. Not knowing who to trust or where to look, they must rely on each other’s strengths if they’re going to find her in time.

Will they save Sammy?

Will they unmask the serial killer who hides in this friendly little town?

What will be found when the masks fall away in this Murderous Masquerade?

Sneak Peek – Prologue to Murderous Masquerade


As they lay there, with their bodies strapped down and voices caged by the chemicals I injected, it’s their eyes that speak. Usually, it’s the self-same tale. Rage. Regret. Sorrow. Pain.

Always pain.

I take my time, making sure I get to revel in all their stories. When the end comes, I see the final burst of emotion. Acceptance. They now acknowledge that I am god. Their god. I can give, and I will take away.

My heart thunders, the moment draws near. Any second and I will find it.

The young man on the table glares at me. The anguish swirling around his iris is a glorious sight to behold. But it’s not what I’m waiting for. I hold off just a little longer.

In the years I’ve been doing this, there have been those that resist the inevitable. He must be one of them. Strong-willed. Stubborn. It will make his surrender all the more delicious.

Here it comes.

I watch the muscles of his face go slack. Then I stare into his eyes, waiting for the recognition to light in a final flicker before they go dull. Come on. He doesn’t have much longer.

My eyelids narrow, the nerve at my temple twitches. His eyes show acceptance, but not the one I was searching for. He isn’t regarding me as a god—his reverence is elsewhere. His eyes go dark.

As with all the others I proceed through the motions to prepare the body for disposal. My enthusiasm always wanes once they’re dead. But now I have anger fighting for dominance of my mind. How dare he.

I can’t stand it. His vacant gaze that didn’t give me my due.

I seize a sledge hammer from the tray beside me. With a vicious swing, I bring the heavy metal down to his skull. A satisfying crack echoes against the walls. I bash his face in again and again until every bone shatters. His once healthy, boyish face now looks like a discarded Halloween mask.

I cast the tool aside and brush the splatter of blood and brain matter off my face and clothes with a gloved hand.

I must mislead any investigations. He’ll need to be disposed of in such a manner that explains his physical state. I know the perfect spot: the sheer drop off at the mountain ridge. An ‘accidental’ fall from that distance would undoubtedly cause such severe facial trauma. I grin as I take in my work. Another productive day.

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