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Every three months there will be a giveaway for my subscribers. Sometimes it will be a gift card, sometimes a book, and every once in a while, it will be something quite a bit bigger…

Once you subscribe to my newsletter you will automatically be entered in once for each quarter you stay subscribed. Every time you get a newsletter in your inbox, be sure to read it, because there will be instructions on some action that will get your name entered in again. The more often you participate, the more times your name will go in the pot, and the more likely you will be that quarter’s winner.

My first giveaway will be this September 1st, and seems a great way to celebrate my birthday. The prize this month will be an autographed copy of my book, Murderous Masquerade, a bookmark to help keep your place, and a pen so you can write me a review! 😉

For December’s giveaway I’m thinking of that something bigger I spoke about. Would any of you be interested in a tablet?

Good Luck to You All, and Happy Reading!

K. D. Wakefield

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Family members of K. D. Wakefield are ineligible to win the prizes. Sorry 😦 but, I hope you know I love you very much!

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